Pro bono

Profession of lawyers also lies in their mission to provide legal help to those who are in need of it but cannot afford it.
For over three decades, Brichta & Partners has devoted a great deal of work to aid social or charitable projects and cases.
As a part of our pro bono work, for many years we have worked mainly in the following areas:

Transparent Informatization of Society – Slovensko.Digital

Since foundation of a non-profit platform Slovensko.Digital, we have helped IT professionals with legal services in fulfilling their mission – supervising the improvement of the digital state services.

Growing Innovative Ecosystem – Slovak Alliance for Innovative Economy (SAPIE)

Our office assists with the legal advice to a well-known Slovak platform SAPIE uniting companies in the field of IT, innovation and start-up ecosystems in their efforts to transform Slovakia into a country which helps innovative projects and companies with their ambition to become strong players in an international field.

Charitable area – numerous non-profit organizations and the third sector. 

Since their foundation, we have been supporting a number of non-profit organizations, civic associations, religious institutions, and charitable organizations. We often assist to individuals who find themselves in need..